Another Example Of Spinning Light Wands Being Used Effectively In Retail

April 26, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s another example of those madly spinning LED light wands being used effectively as part of window displays – in this case a merchandising window at a Nieman-Marcus.

As regular readers know, I am not a big fan of these things because of the moving parts and short-term novelty of them, and much of that has owed to how they have been demonstrated and pitched.

Up against a wall, as solo units or grouped, they do motion graphics that equate to flat panel displays, so the purpose and point have been elusive. Why stitch these things together and hope they keep spinning, when a reliable flat panel display will look better and work 24/7?

But … in a window or merchandising display with no back wall, having visuals just kind of floating can work quite well. Look at this Dyson promotion, for example.

In this case, Dallas-based Glass Media has used the LED light wands instead of projection on glass, which is the bulk of what the company does.

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