Submarine Takes Slow Dive Based On Viewers Of Those UK Digital Billboard

April 22, 2021 by Dave Haynes

In the first wave of QR codes. several years ago, there were lots of jokes about the dubious merits of putting these enhanced bar codes on digital OOH billboards. But here, in what seems to a revival period for the tech, is a billboard that makes the artistic rendering of the codes the focal point for the ad.

The UK Royal Navy has launched a recruitment campaign for its Submarine Service, running it on targeted digital boards in London, Manchester and Birmingham this week.

I could not find video, but here’s the descriptive summary from OOH Today:

An image of a submarine disappearing below the ocean surface is deconstructed and rebuilt using the structure of QR codes, which once scanned, lead viewers to the Royal Navy’s recruitment website.

Created by the UK agency Engine, the campaign plays off how the submarine service carries out much of the most classified military work for that country, and the idea of QRs being codes that have to be read.

The campaign uses Ocean Outdoor’s audience analytics technology. When viewers are detected looking at the display for more than five seconds, the static QR image begins to move, triggering the submarine to disappear below the waves.

Art director at Engine Hugo Isaacs told OOH Today, “Curiosity is key when it comes to hiring for The Submariners, their classified credentials are what sets them apart. We’d looked at pixilation as a way of concealing messages before but it felt familiar. QR codes gave us this brilliant language that tells you there is more information to be had, while still hiding what’s there. It’s a secret that’s asking to be unlocked”.

Very clever.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Way to go Dave. You gave away the secret now! ; )

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