Fingrid Welcomes HQ Visitors With Big, Curved Reception Video Wall

April 21, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Video walls in company lobbies are not new, and neither are curves built into LED video walls. But here’s a nice example of a video wall in an office that does a nice job of working with the curve.

This in the Helsinki lobby of Fingrid. It’s a curved LG DV LED wall, put in by Praecom Group. What I like is how there is a standard flat frame for this video wall, but the curve comes out from it, which I assume is to reinforce visually that the curve is there.

Big fan, by the way, of the company name. I was on a call last week with a group that was debating brand names, and there was a faction (me among them) that likes names that clearly suggest what the company does. In this case, Fingrid runs the Finnish energy transmission grid. Fin+grid. Got it!

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