LED China Attracting As Many As 50,000 People, 1,200 Vendors, This Week In Shenzhen

April 14, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I’m not entirely sure what the COVID situation is in Shenzhen, China, but there is evidently enough comfort around healthy safety for the organizers of LED China to run a live show this week.

The event started today, with 1,200 exhibitors and as many as 50,000 attendees, according to the website. There is an option to attend virtually, so that may account for a portion of those numbers.

The social media channels that would normally contain lots of event images and posts are not those used in China, so I was not successful finding any reports from the first day.

The show is a bit like InfoComm in the U.S., in that big direct view LED displays are a major component, but there’s also LED lighting and pro AV companies, presumably those that tend to have products integrated with LED on jobs.

I’ve not been to this show (but have thought about it). I can’t imagine there are many overseas visitors this year, given the enchanting prospects of 12+ hour flights to then pack into an exhibit hall in the country where COVID-19 seems to have flared up.

Last year, the show pulled in 15,000 domestic buyers, was before vaccines were available.

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