Massive Samsung LED Wall Fills Lobby Wall In LVCC’s Almost-Open West Hall

April 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

While the pandemic has meant most people in our industry put a stop to pretty regular swings though Las Vegas for trade shows and conferences, that city’s primary convention center has been expanding its footprint and is just about ready to open.

When I was last in that city, the LVCC expansion was just in its very early stages. Roughly two years later, amidst ALL the weirdness brought on by COVID-19, the new parts of the LVCC are almost ready to go.

That includes digital all through the new West Hall building – a deal won by Samsung and using 22 Miles CMS software. The project was installed by Design Communications Ltd. (DCL).

The build-out includes:

The LVCC’s older halls feel like the 1980s, though the food courts have improved substantially. But they were designed in an age of CRT TVs. So seeing a new hall that was designed with digital in mind is a big step up.

In the two years since I was last in Vegas the city has also seen the addition of new hotels and a lot of LED and displays in them, inside and out, and there are new event venues like the Caesars conference facility (which also has a huge DV LED wall in its lobby) over by the big ferris wheel and the exceptionally weird Area 15 events facility across the interstate near the Trump and the Fashion Show mall.

There’s also the MSG Sphere, which is going up in behind the Venetian complex.

Lots to see, but I don’t envision being back there until maybe InfoComm is back there in 2022, or the people who bought DSE’s assets do a reboot and fire up a conference in that city.

The first big event in the new LVCC halls is expected to be in June – a cement industry show that normally gets north of 100,000 people. Doubt it will be anywhere near as big as normal, but then there’s a lot of looking the other way going on – just ignoring a deadly contagion or wishing it away.

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