Giant Ferris Wheel Embeds Transparent LED For Grand-Scale Nighttime Visuals

April 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is the Eye Of Heihe, one of those giant tourist attraction ferris wheels that seem to be popping up in big cities. In this case it has been kitted out with a huge array of transparent mesh LED.

The attraction is in Heihe, on the Chinese side of the China-Russia border north of Beijing.

The LED display is from Leyard-Vteam. Vteam is the specialty display side of Leyard, one of largest companies active in DV LED.

It may be a function of limited familiarity, or local bylaws and zoning, but I am surprised North America and Europe have not seen more installs like this – mesh LED displays cladding building facades and big superstructures like this wheel.

They become beacons – at least until they’re common. Then they become visual noise – kinda like Times Square.

  1. R. Richardson says:

    Eye of Heihe, located in Heilongjiang, China (a Leyard installation)

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