Shipping Analysis Shows Absen, Unilumin Tops In DV LED Manufacturing Exports

April 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Market data on the DV LED industry can be a little hard to find at times, unless you are a manufacturer that has the budget for research reports that tend to have price tags that include a few zeroes.

So I was happy to see the CEO for the Brazil wing of the Chinese LED manufacturer Unilumin post LED shipment numbers on Linkedin that suggest his parent company moves the most DV LED on the planet.

The numbers are actually the output of a French engineering firm active in large format LED.

The numbers from AMF, compiled in 2020 and reflecting Q1 and Q2, suggest Unilumin is the largest exporter of DV LED display product, is Unilumin and its live events/rental unit ROE are combined. Absen otherwise tops the list.

AMF GM Paul Morris stresses: “One must keep in mind that these figures are only related to exports, whilst the Chinese domestic market is huge.”

He noted the Chinese market, where there hundreds and maybe even 1,000s of LED companies, turned in the pandemic to cheaper local manufacturers to trim costs. There are lots of companies there who stay just in the domestic market and avoid the complications and costs of trying to manage exports, certifications, sales offices and support.

“My predictions for 2021,” says Morris, “would be a more difficult situation, as part of 2020 were orders raised prior to the epidemic. Like many industries, (it) will take time to recover, especially in event areas, as companies must cover fixed costs rather than invest in new equipments.”

“The events sector, which represents more than 50% of manufacturing, is almost at a complete standstill, with no sign of an imminent recovery. This will weigh heavily on the figures for the second half of the year, knowing that in many countries struggling with COVID 19, the economy has not recovered and remains in slow motion.”

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