Samsung Marketing LED Display Bundle Aimed At Analog Sign And Printing Ecosystem

April 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Numerous display manufacturers have introduced bundled direct view LED solutions as a way of simplifying the specification and selling of technology that remains unfamiliar to a lot of the pro AV sector.

Samsung is borrowing on that notion with a display bundle aimed at the traditional sign sector, highlighting an outdoor solution that “all-in-one display package that includes LED signage and content management solution.”

“With a stress-free installation of uni-body cabinet structure, businesses do not need to worry about a cumbersome setup. Each LED display comes with an integrated content management solution that allows users to conveniently create, schedule and deploy exclusive content that is inviting to customers.”

The display giant is actively marketing the XPR-B series (the Koreans are masters of catchy names) during this week’s virtualized International Sign Expo, a huge trade show aimed at the traditional analog sign industry … which is ever … so … slowly adding or transitioning to digital.

Just as LED video walls are unfamiliar to countless local and regional AV/IT shops that do most of their work kitting out offices and buildings with LCD screens and video conferencing systems, roadside and wall-mounted LED boards are exotic creatures to sign companies that have focused, forever, on print.

The Samsung LED displays range in pitch from 8mm to 16mm.

What caught my eye is how Samsung has included content management software tuned to these kinds of displays: “The Banner CMS platform is engineered for simplicity, making it easy for users to prepare, schedule and deploy custom content. Compatible with personal devices, including tablets, PCs and smartphones, Banner CMS empowers users to work within the platform anywhere, anytime. With minimal implementation and training required, users can begin building captivating content immediately.”

That’s a lot like what Samsung did with the Pro TV/Business TV LCD series at launched last year – “prosumer” TVs for inside and outdoors, aimed at SMB. Those displays also come with content management software, in that case ONLY run off a smartphone application.

In both cases, I don’t think these have any relation to MagicINFO, the other CMS that Samsung has been developing for many years.

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