Finally, An LED Light Wand Install That Makes Sense!

April 6, 2021 by Dave Haynes

My lack of enthusiasm for those madly spinning LED light wands has been noted numerous times in posts here, but I just stumbled on a use-case for the things that I actually think works well.

It is for marketing Dyson’s SUPER-expensive air purifiers, and uses two of those light wands to create the effect of showing airborne pathogens and clean air flow, kind of visually overlaying a physical Dyson purifier.

The video, below, is from Dubai – either at a Dyson store in The Dubai Mall or Dubai Marina Mall. in the UAE. The photo at top is a screen grab, and kinda useless … so watch the video (turn down audio).

Beirut-based HYBRID Installations was approached, it says in a Linkedin post, “to come up with an innovative solution that will enhance customer retail experience.”

“We decided to combine HYPERVSN holographic displays into an actual physical Dyson Purifier showcasing with 3D holographic animation how it captures potentially harmful pollutants and automatically cleans a whole room with clean fresh air flowing out of the device.”

It’s not a hologram, but whatever. The spinning units, like fans, are contained in a plexiglass case, so shoppers can keep all their fingers.

I think one hell of a lot of these light wands are bought based on eye candy and wow factor, as opposed to solid content and merchandising strategies. I have seen them at trade shows for years but rarely in the wild.

This is one of these cases where the tech makes sense for what it is doing. This could also be pulled off with something like transparent OLED, but $$,$$$.$$

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