Tooshlights Makes Real-Time Toilet Occupancy Data Available For Digital Signs

April 5, 2021 by Dave Haynes

RH Image: TRAX Analytics

Some of the best data integrations that can be done between sensors and systems, and digital signage networks, is tapping into real time data that can visually indicate what’s going on.

You’ve likely seen digital signs that show the availability of stalls, overall and floor by floor, in large parkades. Now there’s sensors and an API that can people if there are any cleaned and available toilet stalls in restrooms, in busy places like airports and sports and entertainment venues.

A company called Tooshlights has a sensor, indicator light and software platform that is all about managing restroom status in busy facilities, with red and green lights over toilet stalls, just like newish parkades have little red/green lights over parking spots.

The wrinkle here is that Tooshlights has an API and data feed to display “live occupancy” data for restrooms and stalls, which beats walking along and pushing on doors, probably with your elbow.

This may seem like a trivial, mildly amusing side note about using screens for offbeat content, but this sort of thing can be very valuable to customer and visitor experiences. In my daily newspapering past, we used to talk about News You Can Use. People just getting off flights or rushing between them would appreciate this kind of digital signage a lot more than digital OOH ad posters.

  1. Neil Chatwood says:

    “News You Can Use” is exactly right. I’m spending a lot of COVID-time consulting on passenger experience projects. Airports have mountains of data that we can use to determine passenger demographics – both assumed and direct observation. For example, if a screen is facing a flight they just arrived from Mexico, ensure it’s displaying appropriate languages, directions to connections, customs, etc. Programming this stuff is easy, it’s just getting the clients to understand how we can get there!

    What you’ve not directly mentioned is how products like TooshLights assist operations. Caretaking/maintenance routines no longer have to be based on time. They can be driven by, *ahem* usage, resulting in an economic impact on emerging tech that helps drive adoption.

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