Huge 1,200 Sq. Meter LED Canopy Looms Over Chinese Shopping Mall

April 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is a 1,200 sq. meter LED canopy ceiling looming over the common area of Joy City, a large shopping mall in Xi’an, in central China.

The 5mm pixel pitch LianTronics display is touted as doing glasses-free 3D visuals that serve as something of an attraction for the shopping center. I think this has more to do with good creative that looks 3D-ish, as opposed to the LED cabinets having some sort of auto-stereoscopic lens on them to emulate 3D.

I’ve seen actual glasses-free on LED walls at trade shows, and it has tended to meet that magical combination of pointless and terrible.

The ceiling screen is also described as 24K, which is not some new resolution coming after 8K and 16K, but would be the aggregate count of horizontal light emitters on the LED cabinets. If each cabinet had, let’s say, 500 pixels in a row, it would take 48 to add up to 24,000 (or this take on 24K).

LianTronics PR: The future-world-themed glasses-free 3D LED ceiling was assembled by LianTronics PH5mm LED displays and has almost covered the whole ceiling of the shopping mall. The 24K seamless jumbo-sized LED screen with ultra-high contrast ratio renders a changing magic in space and time staggered fluctuation that it has grabbed the attention straightforward from visitors as soon as they head up. With the perfect combination of surround sound, visitors can enjoy a distinctive astonishing shopping experience all around.

  1. Watch out this video walking around the Xi’an Joy City shopping mall focusing on this amazing Unilumin ceiling LED:

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