Here’s A Modest But Good Example Of How DV LED Offers Up Design, Install Flexibility

March 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

One of the key arguments made for using direct view LED is its modularity – the ability to build a video wall that meets shapes that aren’t just 16:9 rectangles.

Here’s a modest little DV LED video display done by integrator AVI SPL for Advent Health, that shows what can be done with LED, that couldn’t really be done with LCD or OLED.

It uses a 1.5mm fine pitch display from Nanolumens, and as you can see, the display spans the header above an entry door and runs down the wall to one side of the door, with a notch I assume is for a switch or access card reader.

I’m not sure if the LED modules – Nano calls their modules Nixels – are coated in some way to protect the light emitters, which on most conventional DV LED gear is easily damaged. The display has decorative trim, almost like a bezel, around the edges, which will help a lot, as it is the lights in the edge that tend to get knocked off as people brush by a display.

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