Those Spinning LED Wand Thingies Find An Application – Public Art

March 26, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The madly spinning LED wands that started showing up at AV trade shows maybe four years ago have always been good at attracting crowds at booths, but I’ve not seen or read much that suggests broad adoption in the real world.

I think the things are eye candy that stops being visually interesting pretty quickly, but more to the point worry about the long-term reliability of anything that has moving parts, especially electronics on madly spinning things.

They’re sometimes called holograms (they’re not) and are marketed both as single units and synchronized arrays that generate larger versions. But you can do larger versions with LCD or LED units that have no moving parts, and draw viewers with great Full HD or 4K creative.

That stated, here’s a case where these things have a role – digital art pieces.

This is a set of the LED light wands set on posts and operating in a forest. The Linkedin post explains, somewhat in art-speak, what this is all about.

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