Video Walk-Through Of Kuala Lumpur Airport’s Huge DOOH Display Upgrades

March 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Between press releases and PR pitches, and bumping into things online, I see lots of visuals of digital signage and DOOH work done in big footprint places like airports – but it is rare to see a full video tour of a digital upgrade.

Nacho Perez Borjabad, the Chief Digital Officer for the media company VGI Malaysia, sent me a link to a short but effective video that walks viewers through the full curb to gate, and back, experience at Kuala Lumpur’s main airport.

The video does a nice job of showing the before and after, and you can quickly see a massive investment by the media company replacing backlit printed posters with direct view LED versions, as well as new digital media positions filling things like bulkhead walls and wrapping support columns.

The biggest piece is an Absen 4mm super-wide billboard, dubbed Digital Dream, that is 400 square meters in overall size.

Don’t just tell people what you did, show them. Walk them through it. With the cameras now available on premium smart phones, and things like stabilizing gimbals, pretty much anyone could shoot a pretty good walk-through.

Here’s the video:

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