Samsung V/X Preview – MagicINFO Coming Soon In A SaaS Version

March 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Samsung has advanced tomorrow’s Samsung V/X Live online conference, running through a set of product plans for the coming months that include .

The company will be launching a cloud-hosted, managed SaaS version of its MagicINFO digital signage CMS software. Until now, the software has been on-premise only.

The new version will have feature-parity with the on-prem software, but be available to subscribe to based on monthly fees.

One of the challenges, historically, with MagicINFO, is that technical support from Samsung proper was limited, and that using the software worked out best when the end-user company had an IT team that was able to install and run the service, and then both learn and support it.

With SaaS, which represents a far greater proportion of the potential user base, there’s no need to install and host on-premise, and Samsung now has support/after-care teams based on the U.S. West Coast.

It is a long way from the early days of MagicINFO, when it was an entry-level, simple signage offer that the sales people usually explained was not intended to compete with commercial digital signage CMS offers.

An interesting nugget about the take-up for MagicInfo is what Samsung Marketing VP Mark Quiroz referred to in a briefing as the attach rate – the percentage of end-users who actually activate MagicINFO when it ships pre-installed with displays. That rate has doubled in the last couple of years.

The other news – actually more of an insight – is that The Wall, the company’s premium microLED display product, has seen more initial take-up than expected in the marketplace. Quiroz said the U.S. executive thought these premium displays might account for 30% of the deal value they’re seeing in DV LED, but it has been more like 50%.

That owes in part to The Wall being roughly 3X the cost of more conventional DV LED products, but it nonetheless means more is being bought than expected.

A refreshed version of the microLED display for business is coming later this year. “With a frequency of 120hz, 1,600 nit peak brightness and 3D support for viewing dynamic content, microLED displays provide a premium picture quality for customers.

Samsung also confirmed plans for launching an all-in-one 24-inch interactive kiosk, aimed at the SMB market. “The sleek all-in-one design eliminates the need for complicated installation and setup headaches as there are no peripherals or additional materials needed. The kiosk provides a flexible option and can be mounted on the wall or act as a freestanding solution.”

The kiosk was already launched in Korea, where Samsung is based.

HTV Serif

The company is also adding a pair of commercial displays: the HTV Frame and HTV Serif for the hospitality industry. The Serif has an iconic and portable design with brilliantly crisp, QLED picture. The Frame, brought to life by the high-resolution picture quality of QLED, is more than just a TV. It’s a canvas that reflects style It’s beautiful and inspiring. These two iconic products are now part of our HTV portfolio.

There’s also a new 75-inch Flip, the digital whiteboard product Samsung is marketing for everything from workplaces to the education market. It joins the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 85-inch Flips already on the market.

“As the country slowly starts to open and adjust to life in a new normal, Samsung is dedicated to bringing our customers solutions and platforms to ease the growing pains that come with a transition,” says Chris Mertens, Vice President Sales, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “New display sizes, cloud-hosted CMS platforms and new partner assets allow businesses of all sizes to grow and thrive in a digital world. We value our partners and are proud to know we are helping them succeed during this unprecedented time.”

The V/X Live event is tomorrow.

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