The Gas Station Of The Future, Dubai Version, Is Very Predictably Over The Top

February 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is touted as the gas station of the future, though it might more accurately be described as the gas station of the present in a region where wild spending and over-the-top designs have long ago been normalized.

It is, of course, in Dubai.

The service station is operated by the ENOC Group, the “Official Integrated Energy Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai,” and is located at the Expo 2020 site, which I think is happening this year instead because of you know what.

The station has a ton of green energy things, including its own own wind turbine and solar collector canopy. But what interested me, naturally, was the signage in the forecourt and inside.

Along with all kinds of ambient, sync’d lighting on the canopy, there is a giant DV LED screen above the entry and windows to the store, and LED ribbons inside.

Reports Global Convenience Store Focus:

The service station also includes several applications of advance machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies that play a role in customizing services and retail offerings for customers, managing queue and waiting times at the forecourt, and improving the overall customer journey.

Vehicle mapping surface lighting is deployed to mark traffic flow to direct vehicles to the fuelling area, as well as entry and exits to the station. Occupation sensors and signals at fuelling positions will also manage traffic flow, redirecting vehicles to empty spaces at dispensers. Digital signage in the station consists of 12 million LED chips to illuminate the digital screens onsite.

Other prominent features include electric-vehicle chargers and multi-media interactive advanced dispensers.

This is all quite nutty and NOT what your average gas station will look like on the main drag of your own town. Don’t expect the Terrible Herbst in Henderson, NV to cut over to this design anytime soon.

BUT … there are aspects of this that will stick. We already see retailers and food service operators making the facades of their flagship locations digital, and LED displays are surrounding chiller fridges in C-stores.

There continues to be so much money going into digital (and everything) in the Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Only been once, but I kinda want and need to go back to see some of this.

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