NYC Financial Services Offices Add Experiential Digital To Workplace Atmosphere

February 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is the lobby and an upstairs lounge that have been digitally re-imagined by ESI Design for a financial services company in its New York City offices.

ESI doesn’t say who, which means it can’t – as is often the case with big-name accounts.

The client wanted to rejuvenate the arrival experience in the building’s aging lobby, which ESI did by developing rich media content, both generative and pre-produced, that runs on a pair of low-resolution LED displays that wrap support columns and add to the lobby’s existing high resolution screens.

Content ranges from meditative natural landscapes, to algorithmic digital art and critical internal communications. The ambient content on the columns is complementary to the large wall displays.

Upstairs in the second-floor lounge, known as the ‘Living Room,’ a suite of seven high-definition projectors transform the walls into a floor-to-ceiling media canvas, featuring artistic animations that echo the content in the lobby. A presentation mode supports town hall events and TED Talk–style demonstrations, adding further value to employees and visitors of the space.

The media content is scheduled to reflect the rhythms of the building through a range of quiet and energetic moments. While the morning may feature more meditative media content, afternoons might feature lively settings to reflect the lunch-hour rush; alternately, there could be a takeover event to focus on a campaign or promotion.

The content integrates easily into our client’s existing corporate communications Content Management System (CMS), allowing for full control and flexibility.

ESI always does nice work. Nice to see the use of projection in the upper level area. I like the way the short-throw projectors are disappeared into the drop ceiling. It looks like they thought through the lighting used in that area so that the projections are not overpowered by other lighting sources.

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