Mvix Launches Digital Directories As A Service Solution For Building Operators

February 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The DC-area digital signage software and solutions provider Mvix has launched a hyper-targeted turnkey solution intended to make it dead-simple to budget, spec and use a digital building directory.

Dubbed Digital Directory as a Service (or DDaaS), end-users get a commercial-grade display, a digital signage media player, mounting hardware and lifetime access to the cloud-based SMS. The product is aimed at office suites, college campuses, multi-tenant buildings and condominiums.

The set-up also comes with custom design and unlimited content management services, making it quick and easy to design and distribute messaging. Mvix also suggests “clients could potentially see a tax benefit from this solution as a service offering. “

Adds Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations: “Property managers are facing a unique set of challenges right now. As their business models adjust, Mvix solutions will continue to add value to the management workflow. Evolving service models are the future of our digital signage industry.

Clients can choose to provide their own install or use one of Mvix’s partners to help with the installation. Mvix would then provide custom directory design and implementation services to all DDaaS clients.

This is clever, though there are always scale challenges supporting a whole bunch of customers who all have custom needs. A solution used by 100 different customers is a lot more work than 100 units of the same solution sold to a single customer.

If I am a building manager, and I need one or two screens as directories, I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time trying to sort out what I need and then wading through dozens of CMS options and the the variety of ways to do screens and supporting hardware.

I may also like that I can make this a monthly fee and not need upfront budget.

Mvix also recently announced a partnership with a company that focuses on communications in condos.

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