Global Digital Signage Awards Set For Online Event April 22

February 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The UK team behind the global Digital Signage Awards has settled on April 22 as the date to hand out this year’s awards, delayed like most things by COVID-19.

The awards have long since been judged and selected, but handing them out in a way that celebrates and recognizes the work was constrained by the inability to travel to and use a studio in the London area to do something more evolved than a Teams meeting.

Says the awards team:

Because they are global awards, the presentation of the Awards winners and high commendations is scheduled to reach as many territories as possible around the world and will take place online on Thursday April 22. It will be broadcast at 9.00 pm BST, meaning it can be viewed on the West Coast, USA at 1.00 pm and on the East Coast at 4.00 pm. Looking east from London, Europe will be able to view at 10.00 pm CET, 11.00 pm in South Africa and midnight in Moscow. Australia will be able to enjoy the presentation over breakfast in Sydney on April 23.

Companies who wish to view the presentation but are in countries where the time difference makes viewing only possible in the early hours of the morning will be given separate access on Friday, April 23. We hope Finalists in the UAE or India, for instance, will understand. 

Any Finalist company wishing to view the online presentation of the results needs to reserve their place using the online form on the Awards website at

There are some truly remarkable projects winning or being highly commended by the judges, so you don’t have to be a Finalist to watch the presentation. You can also book online using the same link to the Reservation Form.

The presentation will be hosted by Alan Dedicoat, a very well known Brit announcer (the voice, for example, behind Dancing With The Stars) who did such a great job in Amsterdam in February 2020, the last time the awards were done in person.

Sixteen:Nine is the title sponsor of the awards and I will announce the award for Most Outstanding Individual. There will be messages from the supportive sponsors: Gable (Grand Prix sponsor), Nanolumens and ZetaDisplay

There are still a couple of sponsorship opportunities available for companies wishing to link themselves with innovation and excellence in digital signage and, if any company would like to take that discussion further, they should make contact with Helen Warrilow.

As noted in the past, I support and help guide these awards because they are truly global in terms of entries and winners, but also the judging. A bunch of knowledgeable people, include numerous execs, kindly donate their time to review submissions.

There is no pay to play, so a company can’t buy its way to an award through sponsorships or buying event tickets. The projects win on merit alone.

These are the judges for this year’s awards:

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