Does Anyone Need A 165″ TV That Slowly Rises Out Of The Floor, And Unfolds? No, But …

February 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a nice present for the Russian oligarch, hip hop mogul or Premier League center-back in your life: a giant fine pitch LED display that rises out of the floor and unfolds.

It is from a German company called C-Seed and is by no means the first effort at giant TVs for the super-rich. I wrote about these guys eight years ago, so they are either living off Ramen noodles or someone has been buying these things.

The product page refers to this as microLED. I am not convinced it is, and the visuals used to describe the set-up don’t look like how microLED is presented – tiny light emitters surrounded by lotsa black. This looks more like miniLED and the pixel pitch is 0.9mm.

Whether it is or isn’t true microLED is another debate for the propellerheads. The people buying this won’t know the difference and almost certainly won’t care. Stinking rich guys buy and install something like this to impress their buddies and (probably) make their spouses roll their eyes.

No price provided, but it would be six figures USD. Then bear in mind you need to, probably, re-engineer an entire section of the house, and maybe lose a foot of height in that room, to raise the floor and accommodate the folding thingie that slowly comes out of its hatch.

Raised floors are common in data centers, but not so much in your average home – or even the homes of your average dictator, hedge fund CEO or fastballing closer for the Yankees.

I’ll stick with my regular TV, thanks.

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