Reflect Makes Its Digital Signage Platform An Xperience

February 23, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Dallas-based digital signage software firm Reflect Systems has announced a series of upgrades, enhancements and additions to its platform, most notably what customers and partners see when they log in.

ReflectView, the company’s enterprise-class digital signage software, now works with something called Xperience, which runs off a browser.

Says Reflect:

Xperience provides an intuitive, compelling user interface with features including: 

Messages – a new content creation and publishing feature introduced as part of Xperience. Messages provides a simple but powerful publishing workflow for inputting and activating quick-hit digital signage content including text and images for immediate playback on targeted digital screens. 

Templates for rendering data as content visualizations in real-time. Templates can be created in advance then dynamically populated with data to deliver high production value experiences with less effort than ever before. 

Screen Grouping & Management – enabling organizations to open up ReflectView to more users who leverage the Xperience interface to easily access and manage groups of digital signage displays. 

Localized Control – lets Xperience users create and manage targeted messaging and content, and publish easily to selected groups of digital signage screens. 

“For most organizations, managing a signage network can be overwhelming, and developing and refreshing content in a timely manner has been a challenge,” suggests Lee Summers, CEO. “Xperience provides a way to ensure a high degree of content quality that is brand-right, and makes it easy for anyone to create and publish content—from the corporate communications team to associates at individual locations.” 

Reflect’s developers have also released the Spark Framework, “an application development framework that provides for the flexibility of deploying and managing interactive and dynamic, data-driven digital signage content applications. Spark provides integration and interoperability with the ReflectView platform, and applications can be created using standards-based HTML and JavaScript.

It allows Reflect customers to create and deploy their own real-time, data-driven applications, created internally or with developers and agencies.

The coders have also tweaked support and functionality for the company’s endemic ad-focused platform AdLogic, and for BrightSign gear.

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