AI Analytics Startup AdMobilize Fully Acquired By Longtime Backer Rokk3r

February 23, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Miami audience measurement start-up AdMobilize has been acquired by the technology holding company Rokk3r.

The investors, also based in Miami, say buying AdMobilize and its sister company MATRIX Labs represents an opportunity to get into technologies that have exponential growth trajectories.

The total addressable market for AI software alone is projected at close to $40B in under five years, the company notes in announcing the deal.

“The capacity for these technologies to future proof businesses and industries additionally demonstrates the value of these acquisitions for Rokk3r,” says CEO Nabyl Charania in a company blog post. “A major factor in the acquisition decision centered on the compelling efforts AdMobilize and MATRIX Labs have focused on in the areas of data privacy and the anonymity of analytics, which are foundational in their innovation.”

Rokk3r was an early seed funder and incubator of AdMobilize and MATRIX Labs founder Rodolfo Saccoman, so this is more the continuation of a relationship than a new one.

Says Rokk3r:

Our shared vision was cemented first with a strong mutual respect and deep trust. Building on that we endeavored on a path recognizing AI as a powerful technology that needed to be harnessed in the right way starting with putting data front and center, then moving towards the need to establish a vastly global reach, and finally the execution to become a leader within the AI sector propelled by a sophisticated and cutting edge IP portfolio. 

Rodolfo’s drive to make AdMobilize successful led to numerous wins along the way. From a platform/product perspective, it’s important to outline what has been achieved thus far. AdMobilize’s proprietary and patented AI-driven platform rapidly enables any digital screen in the physical world to be activated via their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. AdMobilize invented the “AI Sensor”, a small form-factor computer porting their fully-anonymous-by-design computer vision measurement algorithms. Their dashboards provide clients with real-time consumer and traffic engagement data, ability to change ads dynamically based on “at the screen” audience, attention time, and more. 

This powerful platform has attracted over 150 enterprise clients in over 70 countries. AdMobilize is the largest computer vision data company in the $44b out of home media space, measuring impressions, demographics on digital screens in brick and mortar and large format billboards. MATRIX Labs developed the world’s most advanced and expensive single board edge-Ai development board with sensor fusion, computer vision, and voice recognition.

Similarly, MATRIX Labs’ hardware, operating system, and deep learning neural network democratizes AI creation for everyone. The hardware has received unanimous approval and praise not only from the institutions and communities that most immediately benefit from the innovation, but also from numerous media and industry publications with no vested interest in MATRIX Labs’ success. 

It appears Saccoman, one of those guys who IS his company, plans to stay on. Nice to see an idea grow and come to what I assume is a pay-off, as I have seen Rodolfo at endless shows, working his butt off to sell the concept.

Saccoman said in an email sent around to contacts:

AdMobilize is my third AI startup, and in every experience there were market-timing pressures,
status-quo pushbacks, technological challenges, educational curves, beta testers and so on. But every entrepreneurship journey culminates with exponential market adoption of your product/solution, which means an industry has fundamentally shifted how it operates. I am proud to say that everyone associated with AdMobilize, including clients around the world and our technological partners, have already embraced this new reality.

It is so fulfilling to see an industry shift, improve, and be all it can be. This is now happening at the highest velocity we have ever seen, and despite the challenges of 2020, the year also clearly exposed that our
industry deserves better data and brands need to demand transparency. Like many of you know, we will not rest until our industry operates at the highest level, it’s inevitable, and you have our commitment to keep leading the front with all of you.

Here’s the press release on the deal:

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