LG Going Heavy On Selling DV-LED In Bundled Solutions

February 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

LG seems to be taking very seriously the whole notion of bundled, pre-sized DV LED display bundles, announcing 25 new ones this week.

LG has created 25 unique Direct View LED display bundles that include both indoor and outdoor DVLED displays with Full HD to 8K Ultra HD resolution and sizes from 81 inches to as large as 589 inches.

The bundles are pitched as all parts and components in one ready-to-assemble bundle. They include the LED components, controller, CMS software (assume LG’s SuperSign), a rugged shipping case on wheels, training and three years of after-care support.

The crazy ones are the 8K and the dual 4K 589-inch one, which is 49-feet diagonal, or JUST a little too big for my TV room.

The idea with these bundles – something that was confirmed in the recent 16:9 DV LED Special Report surveys – is that many integrators and resellers, AND their customers, struggle to get their heads around the idea of modules, cabinets and achieving target resolutions by tiling cabinets until the light emitters/pixels add up to 2K wide, 4K wide or whatever.

What this unfamiliar crowd can more easily grasp is to sell DV LED video walls like giant TVs that come ready to go, and you just buy based on needed dimensions and use-case.

Samsung also bundles some LEDs, Sony has started to with its 2nd Gen Crystal LEDS, and a bunch of pure-play LED manufacturers – from SNA to smaller, lesser-known ones – also have bundles.

I want to see the shipping case with wheels for the 49-footer. Something tells me there is a Case 1, Case 2 and so on.

These solutions are more about workplace environments and events than they are about experiential visual projects. Lobbies and museums and other spaces designed by architects and creative shops are going to truly fit the environment, and not just pop out of a shipping case.

I don’t see a Gensler or ESI or StandardVision using bundles, but I do agree with the notion that a lot of AV integrators that are more attuned to kitting out conference rooms liking the idea of solutions that need a lot of learning and make them go cross-eyed hearing about pitches and cabinets and LED binning, and on and on.

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