Captivate Making Canadian, And Then US, Ad Screens Available On Broadsign’s Reach SSP

February 16, 2021 by Dave Haynes

One of the oldest digital OOH media networks in Canada – office tower-focused Captivate – has done a deal to make its elevator and lobby screens available to brand advertisers via the Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform (SSP)

Captivate and Broadsign, in announcing the tie-up, say more than 1,800 of Captivate’s displays across Canada have been on-boarded and are now available to more than 30 demand-side-platforms (DSPs) globally, that are integrated with Reach.

Captivate’s U.S. inventory will also, later, go into the same SSP system.

Says the PR:

The integration is allowing media buyers to tap into Captivate’s premium audience of high household income earners in a simpler, more flexible and measurable manner.  Building on Captivate’s long standing partnership with Campsite, which was acquired by Broadsign in 2019, the partnership reinforces Captivate’s commitment to evolving how digital out-of-home (DOOH) is bought and sold, and diversifies its ability to grant media buyers on-demand access to key audiences during their consumer journey.

With Captivate’s network now accessible via Broadsign Reach, the company can better service the North American market by connecting it to new digital media buyers via Broadsign’s extensive network of omnichannel and DOOH specialty DSPs.

In turn, media buyers have a wider pool of programmatic DOOH inventory to select from when targeting their intended audience, as well as greater flexibility to adapt ad creative and timing for greater relevancy and to maximize reach.

“The ad space is incredibly dynamic and continues to develop alongside technological advances and shifting audience behaviors,” says Barb Huggett, GM of Captivate Canada. “This collaboration with Broadsign will help us reach digital buyers looking for new ways to target audiences with impactful messaging while also improving campaign performance. Programmatic has long been a priority for Captivate and this integration helps further diversify our offering to media buyers looking to harness the many benefits that DOOH has to offer.” 

I was VP Ops of Captivate more than 20 years ago. It’s kinda funny to see basically the same photo illustration we used back in the day. Much has changed, and we certainly didn’t envision programmatic back then. But it’s hard to change the basic concept of showing people looking at a screen.

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