Another Almo E4v Event Coming March 9-11

February 16, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The big US-based pro AV distribution house Almo has another one of its virtual roadshow events coming up in early March – with content spanning three days, March 9-11.

The company normally has a traveling AV circus that has stops in US cities with live speakers and product exhibits and demos, but COVID.

The sessions have all new content from the one done last fall, including sessions specifically on digital signage. There will also on-demand video interviews with subject matter experts and vendors, and I am doing ones on signage and emerging tech.

The courses are not product pitches and watching them generates AVIXA CTS RU certification thingies.

Here’s the schedule (Eastern times):

Tuesday, 3/9 – 11:00am – 4:00pm


• Live Session 1 – Gary Kayye: The Future of UCC – Rooms, BYOM, Collaboration Boards, Bars and Carts

• Live Session 2 – Joe Cornwall – C into the Future (USB-C)

Pro Audio

• Live Session 3  – Tom Kehr – So you think you know everything about audio gain staging? Improving system performance and customer satisfaction at no extra cost.

• NSCA Roundtable Discussion w/ Tom LeBlanc

Wednesday, 3/10 – 11:00am – 3:00pm

Emerging Technologies

• Live Session 1 – Pete Coman – The Reimagined Workplace: The Role of Existing and Emerging Technology

Corporate AV

• Live Session 2  – Kay Sargent – The Power of Place – The New Next Workplace

• NSCA Roundtable Discussion w/ Tom LeBlanc

Thursday, 3/11 – 11:00am –4:00pm

Digital Signage

• Live Session 1 – Jim Nista on digital signage content

• Live Session 2 – Jonathan Brawn – Techorating in 2021 – Digital Signage, Trends, Examples, and More!

EDITOR – I’m not sure if Techorating or Phygital is worse, but these are invented words that are like fingernails on chalkboards.

Education – Distance Learning

• Live Session 3  – Gary Kayye – How to Design and Build the Ultimate Classroom: The Journey of a Professor and an AV Geek

• NSCA Roundtable Discussion w/ Tom LeBlanc

The website either doesn’t say (or I can’t see) anything about registration fee. I am damn near certain it is free to attend, but don’t hold me to that.

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