DSE, But Not THAT DSE, Set For March 4th, Online

February 11, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I suppose they’re competitors, in a way, but I’m still happy to help raise awareness for an upcoming virtual digital signage conference put together by a UK publisher and guided on the day by my industry friends at Systems Contractor News and AV Nation.

The Digital Signage Event is March 4 on your monitor at your home bunker – a free virtual conference with a bunch of seasoned industry folks either presenting or sitting in on guided discussions.

In a cheeky turn, the event comes with the hashtag #DSE2021 – which would have normally been used by the now-defunct Digital Signage Expo.

The one-day event has both keynotes and panel sessions, as well as live chat and on-demand videos from suppliers who can show their pots and pans, in the absence of being able to do so at a live event.

There will be a 7-8 PM happy hour online, as well.

The whole agenda is here, but the headliner is my buddy Beth Warren from CRI talking about: Potent, Powerful, Purposeful: How Digital Signage Can Increase Your Bottom Line. There’s a little bit of the sponsors get speaking or panel positions going on, but pretty modestly compared to what can happen with real and virtual events.

For AVIXA members, taking in sessions gets you CTS RU credit thingies. The videos will be recorded and available for four weeks to registrants.

  1. Any whiff of Digital Signage Expo to get replaced/revamped? I assumed DSF wouldn’t let it truly fail, but maybe everyone is in a COVID holding pattern, until the vaccine is more widely distributed.

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