Shenzhen’s LP Display Marketing DV-LED Posters Hardened Against Damage, Abuse

February 5, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Email pitches come in day and night from lesser known Chinese DV-LED display manufacturers, showing me their versions of displays and infrastructure.

I look at them, but it’s rare when there’s anything new to write about. And really, most of the people e-mailing seem to want me to batch-order product. Press is secondary.

But there was one in my inbox this morning from a Shenzhen manufacturer called LP Display, or more properly, Shenzhen Lanpu Video Technology Co., Ltd. The company, who I THINK was among several I visited when in China 3+ years ago (it’s a blur), has an interesting digital poster product that uses a “glue on board” hardened coating.

Anyone who went to AV or digital signage trade shows in the last three years, when they were happening, would have noticed numerous overseas manufacturers showing tall and skinny DV-LED poster products that are meant to stand at entry ways and at the head of shop aisles.

Seemingly all of them that I have seen use pixel pitches that keep the cost down, and cover the display with an acrylic protective layer to keep the fragile chips in place. They don’t tend to look so hot, and the plastic cover – in some cases – has felt worryingly hot, because the heat from all those little lights can’t get out.

The LP Display unit is fully sealed with an epoxy resin, which protects it against impacts, water, fog, salt, dust and static. That matters anytime you put a display that invariably is going to take accidental or intentional abuse. The heat dissipation is designed-in.

The displays are also super thin, come on rollers and can be joined to create a larger visual surface. There seems to be gaps with one of the images and none with another, so I am guessing the gaps are intentional to show how these things join up.

The units come in 1.8mm and 2.5mm pixel pitch versions, and there’s some intelligence in the units that allow the display properties to be adjusted using a smart phone and wireless.

NanoLumen’s Gary Feather, on this week’s 16:9 Podcast, goes pretty deep on why these hardened surfaces are important to a variety of digital signage applications. If you put displays in busy environments, in scenarios that unavoidably see them in and amongst people with shopping carts, hand bags or luggage, protection is important if the things are expected to last.

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