Fifteen Years Of Sixteen:Nine

Fifteen years ago, I sat down and knocked out this post:

I have been hanging around in the digital screen media/digital signage/captive audience networks industry since the very early days. I’ve seen a lot, and even learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.I’ve looked around and seen a few industry blogs, but what I’ve read tends to be product-centric and quite self-serving.

Given I spent 20 years writing and editing in daily newspapers before going over the wall and getting into this space, I thought I could revive my somewhat dormant skills and start a blog looking at the industry from a macro level. What’s being done out there. What works. What seems doomed from the get-go.

I did not think, for a millisecond, that I would do another 7,700-plus posts, and that Sixteen:Nine would turn into a business and latter-stage career. But there you go. It worked out well.

Thanks for reading, and a huge thank you to companies like Screenfeed, Capital Networks, Intuiface, Mvix, Navori, Broadsign, Hughes and others who have supported my efforts through the years. Despite all the madness out there, and the shaky economy, ads are all but sold out and the readers keep coming.

50 thoughts on “Fifteen Years Of Sixteen:Nine”

  1. Congratulations on 15 years of unbiased insight and opinion on all things digital signage. Here’s to many more years of articles and podcasts brought to us with your inimitable style.

    • Thanks Jason. You’ve been a great help here and there patiently explaining some of the emerging tech you guys tend to jump on early, so I can in turn relay it in ways simpletons like me understand!

  2. Congratulations on 15:16:9
    and immense thanks for bringing Truth Well Told
    Our know-how and know-who is better because of YOU/R efforts.
    Thank you from Your Friends at Creative Realities, Inc. CHEERS!

  3. Dave, thank you so much for the insight, laughs and all that snark! Really can’t believe it has been that long. Loved all the time spent in the early years with you and your friends in Toronto. Looking forward to the next mixer. Congratulations!!

  4. Dave, thank you for 15-years of insight, laughs and snark! So enjoyed the “early years” with you and your friends in Toronto. Looking forward to the next mixer. Congratulations!!

  5. Congratulations Dave! This is awesome to see. Looking forward to the next 15 years! Always appreciate the comments, feedback and snark sometimes.

  6. Wow, 15 years. Time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks for the great content, and a bit of snark, as you would say – I love it and keep reading.

  7. Congratulations Dave, your insight and passion for our industry is invaluable.
    Thanks for 15 great years, looking forward to 15 more!

  8. Sixteen:Nine blog has been and still remains a pillar of the industry that helps form the community we call the ‘digital signage community’. We owe a lot of gratitude to you for applying your skills in this way and giving so much of yourself into it. I know I speak for others that beyond the blog and podcast – simply sharing the ‘snark’and your personality at industry events is a highlight as well. I hope we get back to that soon.

    Congratulations and while I hope 15 years from now you are spending more time on a beach than a blog – I’m interested to see what we’ll be reading about about on 16:9 in the years to come – I think it will get interesting.

    • Thanks Jeremy … you have been a massive supporter of my work for many, many years … advertising support is the only way this thing could have worked long-term

  9. Kudos, Dave.

    As a connoisseur of snark, I have always appreciated both the blatant and the subtle cheekiness over the years. As a lapsed blogger, I know how hard it is to keep the content flowing, and you have managed that admirably, with quality. While slyly playing dumb, you have managed to educate thousands of people along the way. It all works, keep it up!

  10. Dave
    Starts my day every morning – (for 15 years) – particularly when you speak to a topic of my interest. Appreciate the frankness, style and proclivity of getting to the point.

    Keep writing … your peeps are paying attention.

    Pat Stimpson

  11. Congratulations, Dave.
    You are Carnac the Magnificent of Digital Signage and AV!
    2021 calls for more snark!
    I say a lot more snark!

  12. Congrats Dave! Your platform help me mind digital signage and learn more about it. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  13. Dave, great congratulations to you. When the history of this industry is finally written, Sixteen:Nine and Dave Haynes will be in the first paragraph!!!!!

    Steve Nesbit

  14. Congratulations Dave, the digital business is growing so fast and needs a daily news feed like yours. You’re always mentioning the technical specifications, the user experience, and more important what you’re thinking. So I’m so grateful than such a blog exists, speaking truly what’s on the move and which digital tech is emerging for the whole digital industry (advertising and entertainment). That’s so important now where all the digital fairs are gone.

  15. I’m an avid reader and fan of your work, Dave. Much appreciate your insight and the chances we’ve had to work together. I hope that 16:9 continues to be something you can enjoy until you’ve decided to trade it in for the next adventure.

  16. Congrats Dave, Sixteen:Nine and invidis have more in common than just offering quality journalism. invidis is also turning 15 this year. Continue the great work – out industry needs independent and unbiased platforms like yours.

  17. Dave–you’ve served the community well. You were true to your motto of “Great content, and a bit of snark” Thank you!

  18. Of course I’m late to the party here. I have a habit of being late to the party, right? But late or not, my hearty congrats to you for your 15 years of excellence and perseverance. Your refreshing knack of cutting through the BS in an industry that is overflowing in BS made me a fan years ago. Even though I am far removed from the digital signage space, I still check in with 16:9 just to see…and enjoy…how you’ll spin things. Here’s to another 15 years of success. And can you get me a couple of tickets to your next mixer?

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