Cowboys Kit Out Home Stadium With More Than 1,000 New LG Displays

February 4, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The fit-out is pretty standard concession and concourse stuff, but it’s hard to ignore a digital signage project that involves more than 1,000 screens in one venue.

The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys play their games at AT&T Stadium, which upgraded its fan areas with a few truckloads of LG commercial displays.

The stadium, says the team’s CIO Matt Messick, wanted screens that would engage fans. “One of the biggest things stadiums can do to freshen up digital content and reinvigorate visitors’ excitement is to upgrade the displays themselves,” he says. “Through this technological renovation, which required no major construction, we’ve created a new environment where guests begin to take in our content the moment they enter the building.”

The screens actually went in pre-pandemic, but the PR is just coming out now. These things can sometimes take forever with approvals, plus 2020 was seriously-kooky.

For evidence of its effectiveness, we only have to look to the concession stands. The new ribbon-style digital menu boards display enticing images and videos of available food items, which resulted in an immediate 15 percent increase in food sales for events prior to COVID-19.”

Says PR:

The concession stands now feature multiple 55-inch narrow-bezel LG displays aligned side-by-side that can be operated individually or together to present imagery that flows cleanly from one display to the next. This is made possible by the newly implemented IPTV content distribution system that provides real-time and automated remote control of the entire display network, and every individual display.

For even greater impact, several areas now feature large scale video walls comprising multiple LG displays, including a 5×5 wall in an upper concourse bar that uses 25 55-inch displays, and walkway areas with three 75-inch displays mounted vertically side-by-side to use as a video wall or as three separate displays.

“Using an IPTV system gives us a single control point where we can access every TV, initiate section-based or stadium-wide programs, and break multi-TV displays into sections,” Messick says. “This capability enables granular control of sponsor messaging and provides highly customizable engagement schemes, including trigger-based takeovers that blanket the entire stadium in a single sponsor’s ad campaign for a brief time.”

The system can do full stadium takeovers of screens with a single message – such as when the Cowboys score.

“We’ve also improved our content creation options, and we can now push the same content to every digital display in the stadium,” Messick adds. “We can dynamically change the look and feel of all of our concourses to create an end-to-end experience, whether it’s for a football game, rodeo, concert or a supercross event. What’s more is that during any event we can choose specific displays to advertise upcoming events, so the cross-promotional opportunities are huge.”

The new LG displays range from 55- to 86-inches, with some 75-inch and 86-inch models mounted vertically to allow multiple pieces of content to be shown on a single screen using a windowed layout.

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