Appspace Acquires The Marlin Company, Growing Its Workplace Experience Offer

February 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I am pretty sure this happened months and months ago, but the Dallas-based CMS software firm Appspace is just now announcing it has acquired The Marlin Company, a longtime workplace messaging company.

Marlin solutions, says a press release, “are now part of the Appspace workplace experience platform. The acquisition also provides Marlin customers with new tools that enable accelerated innovation, expanded resources, and even greater value.”

“Reaching and engaging employees – no matter where they work – is more important than ever.  Bringing Marlin into Appspace will help all of our customers. For Appspace customers, they can connect with their people like never before with new, engaging content available on our platform. For Marlin customers, they will benefit from accelerated innovation, new products, and new services to go beyond digital signage,” says Appspace CEO Brandon Miles.

Appspace started as a broader digital signage CMS but has increasingly focused on workplaces, and now calls what it offers “workplace experience software.”

Marling, located in Wallingford, CT, has been doing workplace messaging since 1913, and in the last 10-15 years pivoted to digital versions of their workplace/break room bulletin boards and other solutions.

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