Digital Signage Awards Night Pushed Off By UK COVID-19 Restrictions

February 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Almost all of the emails I get from industry awards that involve shifting dates have to do with extending submission deadlines, but in the case of the global Digital Signage Awards, the date for handing out the prizes has been necessarily shifted because of COVID-19.

The prizes were originally intended to be handed out this week, but that plan ran headlong into UK restrictions on travel and meetings. The UK-based event organizers couldn’t legally use the studio facilities to stream the event as planned.

Says the DSA team:

The trophies are made, the script and screen graphics are complete, and the Winners’ book is ready to distribute. But there’s been a snag that will delay handing out those awards, as planned.

In spite of our very best intentions to deliver the streamed Digital Signage Awards 2021 presentation on February 3, we have been unable to get together in studio to create the presentation, owing to the Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK. We would be breaking the law to do so and, as a result, we have to postpone the date for streaming the presentation until after February 15th – the earliest date when we might no longer break the law by recording in studio.

We are sure you understand our caution, and our keen desire to act both responsibly in common sense terms and within the law. We will be in touch very soon to set a new date.

Thanks for all your support during a most difficult year, and we look forward to providing you with a sparkling presentation in 2-3 weeks’ time, all being well.

Sixteen:Nine has been a main sponsor of the awards for several years. I like these because there is zero pay-to-play happening with them. If your project won, it was because it was good, not because you sponsored the awards or bought a table for the dinner.

The event, when it is OK to use the studio, will be streamed, with the same terrific host we had at the live dinner a year ago in Amsterdam when, sigh, people could gather at tables, shake hands, hug and celebrate jobs well done.

Barcelona 2021, maybe. 2022, I sure hope so!

  1. viewsonicme says:

    Thanks for sharing such great information with us. This article helps me to build my knowledge. Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  2. Beth Warren says:

    this is event is a high light not only to participate as a judge, but to experience and celebrate work that is commercially inspiring. We’ll channel our fond memories of Am’Dam as we do this virtually this year. Thank you for sharing this Dave, BW

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