New Gensler Austin Office Pairs Fine Pitch With LED Sticks For Unique Reception Display

January 31, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The global architecture, design, and planning firm Gensler puts an understandable premium on design, so it’s no surprise the reception area of the company’s Austin, TX office has a cool, very different LED video wall as its centerpiece.

The display provides the Austin team with an ability to set the office vibe, but also work as a valuable tool. The LED display in the new offices features a combination of portfolio work, culture-related content, ambient nature content and locally-sourced creative content from Austin artists and students.

The 13’ 2” high by 26’ 2” wide video wall is a hybrid that uses 1.92 mm SNA Displays product as the main element, but tops it with SNA’s THRUMEDIA LED sticks, set at various pixel pitches and spacing to create “see-through” video display at the top.

SNA Displays, says a case study, combined the two products by layering 30 horizontal THRUMEDIA strips above the main LED screen. While all strips in Gensler’s system employ a 10 mm pixel pitch horizontally, the LED sticks are spaced at various distances to create a gradient effect. The strips are clustered in five different spacing groups, from 30 mm spacing to 80 mm spacing.

All told, the display system includes just under 400 square feet of LED canvas.

Here’s some content:

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