Video: Dancing Bodies Latest Public 3D Art On That Seoul LED Display

January 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is the very latest public art piece developed for that big wrap-around Samsung LED display in a Seoul shopping district.

The video, like previous ones, was created by the Seoul digital shop D’strict. Like the others, it’s amazing.

The piece is described this way: “We hope for a world where people with diverse values can harmonize. Two people dancing in spaces of different dimensions reach out to touch each other, it comes out of the confined space and blends, finally creating a beautiful movement.”

You may have noticed that all the formal videos shot at this site have been done from a specific angle. That, I am reliably told, has to do with the anamorphic visual effect having a sweet spot for viewing. The three dimensional effect works best from that corner angle, as opposed to head-on.

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