Now Fine Pitch LED Is At A State It’s Being Used On Outdoor Rail Platforms

January 28, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The 16:9 report of direct view LED that was released at the start of the week makes the assertion that the display tech is now mainstreamed, and here’s a good example of that.

These are images from train station platforms in the Czech Republic that are using fine pixel pitch outdoor LED for departure time displays.

The units use Unilumin technology, and the Chinese manufacturer says the display units are 2mm and 3mm pixel pitch, which is at the upper end of what’s called fine pitch these days. The pitch needs to be that fine to make the times and destinations legible. Any coarser and the letters and numerals would start to visually break up.

It was not at all long ago that P2 and P3 displays were premium indoor products, but production volumes, manufacturing advances and new technologies have lowered costs and introduced pitches that are sub 1mm.

The advantages of this approach versus LCD are brightness, against daytime glare, and operating lifespan. These things will likely last 10 years, versus five or so for most high brightness, daylight-viewable LCD.

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