Giant Trapezoid LED Display Turns Guangzhou Development Into City Landmark

January 28, 2021 by Dave Haynes

There’s a lost in translation element to this video about the use of multiple big LED displays at this commercial development in Guangzhou, China, but even though I’m not totally clear on what’s going on with the “cave” part of the project, it is inarguably impressive.

The DV LED displays from Chinese manufacturer Absen were installed inside and out of the sales center at the Guangzhou Baiyun Kaisa City Plaza. There are three components:

First, a trapezoid-shaped 6mm LED wall of 275 sq. meters makes the building a landmark, particularly when using three-dimensional, anamorphic creative.

Second, the real estate sales center has a set of 4mm LED strips mounted on the ceiling. It runs images and commercials for the developer, as well as ambient content.

And the one that I’m kinda sorta understanding – an immersive 2.9mm LED cave that’s designed to provide potential tenants an immersive sense of the development and area. It appears the cave is a floor-to-ceiling LED set-up covering all sides but the one people look in from, and the content is 3D-ish to zoom through the development and city.

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