Video: How A Dutch Butcher Uses Queue Mgmt Software, Screens To Handle Customers

January 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I was on a call yesterday talking about how some of the most interesting work we’ve seen lately in digital signage probably looks pretty boring to people outside the industry – notably the use of queue management software for safer shopping.

This is a really good video – albeit Dutch with English subtitles – showing how a butcher in The Hague, Netherlands is using Moviik’s queue management platform to control and organize the number and flow of customers into the shop.

The technology mix provided by the Portuguese software company and Dutch retail solutions provider Prestop includes management software, a ticketing system based off a kiosk with thermal printer, a separate digital sign with a sanitizer dispenser and a web app that will do ticketing and status notices off a smartphone browser.

While this is in place to deal with COVID-19 health safety guidelines, you can imagine how steadily busy retail and other walk-in businesses could use this set-up well beyond the pandemic. If I know I can grab a queue number, and see there’s eight numbers ahead of me, I can go get a coffee or sit down nearby, rather than waiting in a line. It’s just a better experience.

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