150 Feet Of Flower-filled LED Canopy Overhangs Entry To New Philly Casino

January 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Live! Casino and Hotel Philadelphia in Guess Where, PA is in preview opening stage, with a formal opening in mid-February.

Among the many features of the new resort property, which is over in the same area where all the pro sports venues are located, is a big sweep of direct view LED embedded in a canopy at the main entry.

The display – no idea about the manufacturer – is 142.7 x 25.2 feet, and is parked 25 feet up from the entry way. Gable produced and put in the display.

The artwork is moving floral images by the digital artist Jennifer Steinkamp. You can read the artist’s description of what this is all about here.

Me being me, I would describe this as moving flowers, and leave it at that.

Whatever the case, it’s gorgeous and sets a far nicer tone than an overhead display yelling at you about the Prime Rib Buffet or Kid Rock playing March 30 in the Something Or Other Ballroom.

This Linkedin post shows the creative in motion.

  1. Dave, thank you for the compliment, we are very proud of this display that creates a visual experience for visitors to Philly Live, Gable produced and installed this LED display.

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