ISE Show Director Blackman Says 4 of 5 Top Vendors Still Set For Early June In-Person Event

January 26, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This a quick but interesting interview with Integrated Systems Europe show director Mike Blackman, where he suggests the intention remains to hold an in-person ISE in Barcelona, come the start of June.

Speaking with Florian Rotberg of invidis, Blackman says of the top 100 exhibitor brands that turn up year on year, more than 80% say they still plan to have stands there. However, and not at all surprisingly, the overall size is expected to be down by at least 20%.

That stands to reason, as the show is happening within just days of InfoComm in Orlando, which will/would have many of the same exhibitors and gear. So if North Americans are going to travel by June, they’re much more likely to go to central Florida than coastal Spain.

I love ISE, but can’t see me taking two or quite possibly three airplane legs with the infected to get there, unless I’m vaccinated, and providing there’s stuff to see that won’t be at InfoComm a couple of weeks later.

Barcelona in 2022, though.

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