DV LED Special Report – January 2021

January 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Jan. 2021 Direct View LED Special Report by Sixteen:Nine is now available for free download. There are no strings attached. No fee. No registration form. No tracking.

Just click on the download link here and you can grab the PDF file, and save to your PC or other device.

All I’d like and appreciate is feedback and ideas.

The report is an update on one done three years ago, and looks deeper into subjects like microLED and other emerging LED display types. The material is vendor-neutral, but the time and cost associated in doing this was offset by sponsorship from Sony, which introduced the pro AV world to large format microLED video walls.

More than 40 companies and individuals kindly took the time to provide insights, and that was greatly appreciated and noted on the acknowledgements page. You will also find a resources section in the back with some useful primer stuff about DV LED.

  1. Totally mind blowing report. This report is excellent. the graphics are superb. You have out done yourself. I follow the DV – LED and the MicroLED industry very closely. This is the best information I have seen. I have paid thousands of dollars for reports that do not even come close to what you have done. Your generosity is beyond words. Thank you Dave.

  2. Excellent stuff Dave. Thorough, well-researched and low brow enough even for me.

  3. John Bilar, CTS-D says:

    Well done, Dave!
    An outstanding effort that brings a sense of clarity & calm intellect to the Wild West world of DV LED.
    Those of us with you in the trenches are very grateful for your contribution.

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