DSE’s Apex Awards Being Announced Today Via Digital Signage Federation

January 13, 2021 by Dave Haynes

With Digital Signage Expo now just a memory, one aspect that was lost was the annual Apex awards that were handed out for great projects and creative.

Prior to the show being killed off by COVID-19, the show organizers and Digital Signage Federation were working on the 2020 version of the awards, based on submissions. DSE was the official show of the DSF and the company and non-profit federation had long-running ties.

So, like so many other things in the past many months that have been altered, the awards are being done differently. The DSF has worked out an arrangement with rAVe Publications and its multimedia agency to announced the 2020 awards today, using rAVe’s LAVNCH video platform.

It will be a live stream today at 12:30 Eastern.


Join the Digital Signage Federation and Gary Kayye as we announce the 2020 Digital Signage awards winners on January 13, 2021. These annual awards recognize the best “work that wins” in the digital signage industry and include impressive projects.

We hate that we didn’t get to share these awards with you in person, and we invite you to join us in recognizing the amazing nominees and winners at the DSF 2020 Awards LAVNCH & LEARN.

This Wednesday, log in to LAVNCH.com to see the 2020 nominees and learn more about the winning projects with DSF director Brian Gorg, Gary Kayye and all the winners!

Create a FREE LAVNCH.com account to attend the awards ceremony or to watch the recording.

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