Samsung Debuts 110-Inch MicroLED TV, With 4Vue, For CES 2021

January 11, 2021 by Dave Haynes

CES 2021 is on, but it is virtual, so there’s no jammed trade show in Las Vegas and we will all likely see far fewer broadcast news stories about the buzzworthy, crazy or purpose-deficient gadgets being launched annually at this circus.

The show is indeed on, though, and the big tech companies are still using the event as the launch platform for consumer electronics goods.

Samsung has been advancing its new products for a few weeks now, but formally launched today with a series of products, most which have little or no ties to digital signage.

The one product that is most associated with the trade is a 110-inch version of Samsung’s microLED display product, The Wall. This is presented as a TV, albeit one that costs $156,000.

The big selling point is the seamless, deep black canvas available from the self-emissive LED display, and the interesting thing to me is something called 4Vue. Samsung, in its PR, says:

 The 110-inch MICRO LED also adds “4Vue” (Quad View), a four-way viewing option—so you can keep up with multiple sports at once, or stream a tutorial while playing a video game. MICRO LED will be rolled out globally beginning this spring.

The 110 is like a 2 by 2 LCD video wall using 55-inch panels, so 4Vue would allow the display to be used as a 4 panel video wall, on demand, presumably without extra control software (beyond what Samsung supplies).

Granted, I assume a 2 by 2 using super narrow bezel LCDs would cost a fraction of this. Like maybe $30,000. But no seams!

The other Samsung CES announcements were about things like fridges and AI for appliances.

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