Happy Holidays! 16:9 (Probably) Off For A Few Days

December 21, 2020 by Dave Haynes

It was around the middle of last week when the Happy Holidays emails from companies started coming in at pace, and conversely the daily torrent of news and PR pitch emails I get started to slow.

It is Monday morning, with Christmas on Friday, and there is not a lot shaking, so don’t expect many posts for the next two weeks. I’ll resume podcasts in the new year, but there’s something like 250 episodes in an archive if you are weirdly desperate to hear me drone on.

MUCH to my surprise, I am likely to hit a self-imposed deadline on an update to the report I did three years ago on DV-LED. I just sent about 10,000 words and a bunch of charts and images off to a graphic designer to make it all look pretty, and that should be good to go, for free download, in mid-January.

The report is vendor-neutral, though Sony – which markets the super-premium Crystal LED video wall – kindly stepped up to sponsor the report. That helps offset my costs and time put to this.

Marry Christmas if that’s your faith, or just Happy Holidays! Like most people, we’re sticking very close to home this year – relaxing, eating way too much and relentlessly depleting our wine storage. The afternoon coffee with Bailey’s has also started.

Nova Scotia has all of 41 active cases in the entire province as of today, and no one in a hospital because of it. So we’re living in waaaaay less fear than most people, and feeling very thankful for that. I know a few industry friends who have picked up COVID but got through it OK. Happily, no one I know in the industry has died, or had the lingering effects we’ve all read about.

Stay health-safe, please, and we’ll hopefully start to see each other at live events by June. I’m hoping InfoComm and ISE come off, but wondering if, realistically, my next big trade show is Feb. 2022, for ISE in Barcelona.

I’ll post this week and next if news warrants, but otherwise, see you on the other side of the holidays.

photo credit: Michel Curi Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays via photopin (license)

  1. Jim Vair says:

    Hope you enjoy the holidays Dave! Looking forward to a time we can connect in person again. Best wishes to your family as well!

  2. Matt Downey says:

    Merry Christmas Dave. Thank you for continuing to be a strong and steady voice in our industry, as well as a good friend.

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