New Bahrain Mall Features 8K Experiential LED Canopy Ceiling

December 12, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a roughly 30 foot wide by 200 foot long LED canopy ceiling, doing 8K visuals, in the Mall of Dilmunia in Bahrain.

It is an element of a digital out-of-home network in the mall, designed and integrated by Four Square Media, and using Navori’s CMS software.

The screen network went in with the mall when it opened back in April,  “entertaining shoppers with 8K content around the mall’s outdoor façade, entrances, elevators, and aquarium and entertainment areas including an ice rink,” says PR.

The core QL software integrates Navori’s Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) software to power all 8K content, including the massive 9×60-meter (29.5×196-foot) LED ceiling display. Navori’s IPR software can power and frame-accurately synchronize a full 8K wall, or up to four 4K screens (or 16 HD screens) from a single media player.

The network includes 60 Navori QL Players, with the ability to target different zones or play the same content across many or all screens, sync’ing up the players to 1/20th a second.  That’s not quite sync’ing down to the frame (if the frame rate is 30 FPS), but pretty close.

“The majority of the displays were built with massive LEDs and resolutions to maximize impact, while each screen displaying 8K content to ensuring the best image quality content playback,” says Jaideep Narindra, Founder and CEO at Four Square Media. “They also wanted a way to manage and monitor all advertising campaigns in a structured way, with proof-of-play reporting and fair-play algorithms for advertiser validation. Navori Labs offered an outstanding level of support, offering quick and diligent technical support to meet all performance requirements. Their expertise helped us deliver a demanding digital out-of-home network solution with relative ease, given the advanced 8K content and targeted advertising applications.”

This video is fairly terrible, but will give you some glimpses of the ceiling, which looks impressive.

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