Touchless Merchandising Display Nicely Blends Creative With Interactive Projection Tech

December 7, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The value of touchless retailing experience is the sort of thing that can be debated, but whether you think it is necessary or not in this health crisis, this is a very good example of how to get the creative and user experience right.

This is an interactive retailing piece developed by the UK company Motion Mapping, which focuses mainly on large format projection mapping, like the sides of historic buildings and even the rock monoliths at Stonehenge.

The company used an overhead Epson LightScene projector – those are the ones that look a bit like track spotlights – and sensors to market a Sonos audio product, in tandem with an LCD screen.

Motion Mapping owner Stuart Harris writes on Linkedin:

It doesn’t have to be on a table, it can be used with pretty much anything!

NO cameras or visible sensors so we can build it into almost anything, anywhere. Whether inside or outside/ It’s waterproof, so can be integrated alongside pop-up marketing displays.

This is very reminiscent of some of the work NYC-based Perch Interactive has been showing for many years, using overhead projection, camera-based sensors and good creative to deliver interactive merchandising experiences on shop display tables.

By “no cameras or visible sensors” I am thinking he is saying there is a camera/sensor, but you can’t see it (it would be up above with the projector).

There are lessons to be learned here about clearly stating with creative what’s going on and what to do, with messages like You Don’t Need To Touch and Hover your hand …

Nicely done … and projection makes this more interesting and workable, and probably less costly, than a tabletop touchscreen.

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