New Shanghai Transport Hub Has 1,800 Sq. Meters Of LED … To Start!

December 4, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Bob Raikes/Display Daily

The scale of this LED video wall project in Shanghai is mind-wobbling.

A new multi-model mass transport hub in that mega-city – which connects rail, bus and air travel under one very big roof – has some 1,800 sq. meters of fine pitch Absen LED walls. it is the first stage of a project that will eventually have 4,200 more sq. meters of LED.

The OXO city complex at Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub gets about 500,000 passengers coming through it daily, which makes it a VERY attractive “place” for place-based digital media.

I am guessing the splashing digital waves and motion fractal stuff will stay in programming, but will be interspersed with brand advertising that would dominate the venue … and pay for all that LED.

I don’t think I have seen a project with this much higher-end LED all contained in a single project. Would love to see but … COVID. And it’s a bit of a drive to Shanghai.

Here’s a video, complete with We-saved-the-planet-from-a-giant-asteroid soundtrack music.

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