Registration For Next Week’s D=SIGN Happy Hour Mixer Now Live

December 1, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The registration page is now live for the first-ever D=SIGN Happy Hour, a virtual mixer that puts a cap on next week’s two-day online conference developed by the Digital Signage Federation and AVIXA, and hosted by those associations as well as Sixteen:Nine.

The 90-minute event will be done online and there are several meeting rooms, so that attendees can break off to hang out online with smaller groups. One of the things we wanted to establish was not only a general networking area, but a distinct one for people who are between jobs – by choice or COVID layoffs – and for companies who may be looking for a new Sales Director or Product Manager.

Attendance is limited to the first 200 registrants. A normal 16:9 Mixer quickly gets double that, but this is online and herding 200 cats will be hard enough.

I am the overall host but a bunch of my DSF board colleagues will help with the hosting. Anybody attending this should go in with the knowledge that we’ve not done this before and there may be a few train wreck moments between muted mikes, fuzzy cameras, lags and multiple people speaking at once. The rAVe Lavnch team doing the tech side will make their part smooth, but we’re going live and kinda making stuff up as we go.

It runs from 6 to 7:30 PM Eastern, which is everything from early for west coasters to nudging into the evening for me and late evening for Europe. Registration is free, and this is the page you go to.

Bring your own booze. I am thinking Bulleit Bourbon on a little ice.

Information on D=SIGN itself is here.


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