LED’s Mainstreaming Continues: Here’s a Car Rental Counter With A Big Video Wall

November 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

If you close your eyes and empty your busy head, you may be able to vaguely recall these things called airports – mass transport hubs popular before the plague hit.

Airports are often home to really great digital signage work – because they have a lot of eyeballs (normally) moving past screens, and they have building and expansion budgets that make big digital display projects seem, relatively, like rounding errors against the costs of other stuff.

This is the rental counter at the new-ish car rental center at Chicago’s once-busy O’Hare Airport, which has a nice, seamless direct view LED wall behind the counter. It was not that long ago when I was kind of excited to see an LCD or two on the wall at a rental counter, so seeing LED is another sign that lowered costs and raised understanding of the display tech is leading to mainstream applications like this.

Great to see.

It was put in by Gable and I am told there are versions like this in Minneapolis-St. Paul’s airport, and the one in Maui.

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