Intuiface, Sightcorp Partner On Shopper Analytics And Real Time Interactive Content Bundle

November 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

French interactive software firm Intuiface and the Dutch computer vision firm Sightcorp have announced a partnership that integrates technologies and results in a bundled toolkit designed to simplify things like shopper analytics and real-time content triggering to screens.

The partnership involves the integration of Amsterdam-based Sightcorp’s DeepSight Toolkit with Intuiface to enable, says PR, both real-time content triggering based on detected audience demographics and aggregation of audience metrics for post-campaign analysis.

This integration benefits from Intuiface’s strengths for no-code delivery at the front end and data-rich analytics at the back end.

The bundle, which works out to about $54 a month in cost (the bundle fee is annualized and, as normal, costs drop with volume orders), makes available a series of visual experiences and pre-built analytics dashboards that use the integration, including a ready-to-use “Face Mask Detection” experience for store and building entrance controls.

The Audience Analytics runtime bundle involves the Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit, Intuiface Player, and Intuiface Analytics. This bundle, a first of its kind for Intuiface, is sold on the Intuiface web site. The bundle unit price is 650 USD/EUR per year and per device with multi-year, volume and reseller discount options.

Intuiface’s Geoff Bessin says as far as he knows, this is the only solution on the market addressing the analytics needs of DOOH media and in-store marketing, without requiring deep coding skills and investment in expensive point solutions.

The French company’s unique selling proposition is all about offering content developers and solutions providers the ability to create rich interactive experiences for screens without needing to hire expert developers or sub-contract that work for big dollars.

This bundle, Bessin adds, also “offers tremendous ease and flexibility for incorporating computer vision in audience-facing digital signage. As always, with Intuiface, you can build what you want for whomever you want and incorporate any – and multiple – kinds of interactivity. Here, it’s all about real-time face analysis thanks to Sightcorp.”

We are currently, jointly, working on a very interesting project in the US,” says Bessin, “in the area of in-store retail advertising demonstrating some pretty impressive quantifiable ROI.”

This is the sort of thing that would interest firms like Reflect, which has an endemic ad platform called Ad Logic. Explains Bessin: “The goal is to run this content (perhaps as a playlist), collect audience metrics for this content, and create a feedback loop based on offline correlation between the onscreen content and some in-store (in-premise) action.”

“For example, “Product X sold best during the 4pm hour and during that time the most engaged audience for the ad was a 30 year old female. Let’s now tweak the sign to show that particular ad to females in their 30’s and spend less time showing them the bath salts ad as those sales never budged.”

“As you can see in this example, we leveraged both 1) audience metrics to measure engagement and 2) dynamic triggering to show demographically-tailored content. Of course, it doesn’t have to be monetizable advertising. It could just be an exhibit promotion in a museum, for example. But the reasoning is the same.”

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