DOOH The Most Trusted, Relatable Ad Medium In US, At Moment: Research

November 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Out of home advertising is a more trusted marketing vehicle in the United States than TV, social media or desktop online advertising, according to new market research commissioned by the DOOH platform Vistar Media.

That finding is part of research done less than a month ago by Vistar and research company MFour, on the latter’s mobile panel of more than 2.5 million consumers. The study, says PR, is based on responses from 2,000 adults and is projectable to the U.S. population.

The research found 58% of respondents were very likely or likely to believe messaging in OOH advertisements, followed by TV (55%) and social media (44%), with desktop advertising receiving the least trust at 34%.

That is up from a survey conducted by Vistar Media in the Summer of 2019 that found 50% of consumers found OOH to be the most trustworthy medium.

Similarly, 71% of consumers say they relate to the messaging shown on out-of-home screens – the highest of any media channel in the study. Additionally, 82% of respondents said they would look forward to seeing similar messaging in other OOH environments, 10% higher than the response for non-OOH messaging (72%).

The study also found that:

Interesting. After the last 4-5 years I can certainly understand how the absence of trust in social media or online, but it is not terribly obvious why out of home ad platforms – and particularly screen-based ones – earn more trust from viewers.

Maybe the simple reality that with OOH, marketers only have fleeting moments to create an impression and being misleading doesn’t work??? Dunno. 

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