Giant Arched LED Video Wall Greets Workers, Visitors At SW China Office Tower

November 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a big 12K resolution LED video wall in the street-level lobby of the tallest office tower in the southwestern Chinese city of Guiyang.

The skyscraper officially opened its doors about a year ago, and the centerpiece is the 7.7 meter high by 27 meter wide video wall, which arches over the elevator lobby entrance and fills that entry gap with more fine pitch LED on the back wall, creating a sense of depth to the visuals.

It is an Absen 1.8mm wall – and in all there is about 140 sq. meters of LED and about 52 million pixels.

It’s impressive, and always interesting to see projects that go beyond predictable rectangles. I don’t know whether the Future Design logo that’s in visuals is a company in the building, the creative supplier, or what. 

I also don’t know if this content is what’s intended, or just material used in testing and install. I’d hope there is more than just this kind of eye candy. Virtual aquariums are the sort of thing you find on the upper upper upper channels of cable TV systems.

Here’s a video with some heroic, over-the-top background music …



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